So, 126.28km later and we’re back to the Books! – Wings for Life World Run!

Life moves so fast… We are at the end of Semester 2 and there are so many events on! I have finally recovered from the race to get this blog together :)


On Sunday, the rain stopped just in time for over 2,000 runners to run as far as they can from Dún Laoghaire south to the heartland of Wicklow. Having been launched in 2014, the Wings for Life World Run is the only race in the world where the finish line actually chases and catches the athletes! What is refreshing about this event is that 100% of the race proceeds fund spinal cord injury research. You can still donate to the foundation today!

MBAs from the Full Time and Executive classes got together with alumni and friends to run for World Sports Team.

Instead of punishing our brains, we punished our bodies by taking on the gruelling hills in support of World Sports Team. All of us proudly support the growth of this global network of sportspeople which helps those affected by catastrophic sports injuries. We faced a few challenging ascents on the course, but these cannot be compared to the challenges endured by those who cannot run. Join the team at

It was great to have an opportunity to be involved with the Wings For Life Foundation and World Sports Team’s missions. Collectively, the team – Karen, Eva, Elaine, Cormac, Tomas, Cathal, Niall, and Lindsey – ran 126.28km!

Lindsey Nguyen ~ Full-Time MBA

Wings for Life World Run


Red Bull Wings for Life Run is happening on 3 May 2015 in Dun Laoghaire. The MBA Social Outreach Society and MBA Golf Society have joined forces to run on behalf of World Sports Team.

The concept is, you set a goal/distance and try to reach it before the chaser car gets to you! It’s a pretty cool/fun run that takes place all over the world.


This run aims to raise awareness and funds for people who can’t run. Moreover, the spinal chord research and support aligns well with World Sports Team’s mission to build a network for people who suffer catastrophic sports injuries.

By the way, your goal doesn’t have to be huge! If you are interested in joining us you can register here and then join the team once you’ve completed registration.


Lindsey Nguyen ~ Full Time MBA