A Message to All New MBA Students – ‘Hang on in There’


Emergent strategies, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, statements of financial position, does it match volume and variety?.…..need I go on? For all new MBA students the bombardment of information will initially feel overwhelming. The good news is you are not alone, this happens to all of us at some stage. You will get through but only through hard work, there is no other way.

Time management is critical as you will soon realise you cannot do everything. Team work is important and you will begin to judge what is more important and prioritise.

Reflect, reflect, and reflect, there will be times when you have prepared for a class days in advance only to realise you have forgotten many of the critical points. A quick 10 minute refresh on the day of the class is invaluable.

I have a technology background so attending the financial reporting module was a daunting experience – Hello Collette. However now when I read my company’s financial statement I can actually understand it. This is what I call an ‘unconscious diffusion of knowledge’ as you may feel your progress is slow moving but in fact you are grasping all the important aspects.

At certain stages you will hit a low spot, your motivation will be waning and the workload will seem too much. For me it was just before the midterm break in year 1. I told myself once you reach the break take the first weekend off and do something you have really missed since you started the programme. For me it was chilling out with my children and being as juvenile as possible!

Roll on the midterm, which is week beginning the 19th of October, in case you are wondering.

Tony Bartak ~ Executive MBA – Year 2