A Home Away from Home

This year’s Smurfit MBA Class are a diverse cohort from different parts of the world. Although it has only been two and a half months it already feels like we’ve known each other for a long time! It is amazing how a group, made up of such varied cultures have learned and found a way to work together so coherently . Each and every one has something unique to offer and I can’t believe I’m saying this so early in the programme but it has become my safe place to explore and try something new each day.

After an intense GNAM week at different universities, we had an even more difficult week with our first exam on Financial Reporting. Immersed in balance sheets and income statements the week went by and we completed our first module in the MBA! As such, we deserved to unwind and celebrate, and what better way than celebrating Halloween together! Thom and Nicole were kind enough to host us all at their place. It was a fun-filled evening with music, dancing, food, and wine, and can only be described as a truly wonderful experience.


The Smurfit MBA is an intensive experience but at the same time extremely rewarding. One of my reasons for pursuing an MBA was for personal development and it has been an absolutely incredible journey so far. With lots more left to experience and learn, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.

Anita Louis, Full Time MBA 2017-2018


The MBA Experience Curve


Week 5 and who would have known a glossy magazine or a good thriller has been swapped for the Harvard Business Review and the New Yorker! (Thank you Megan).

Week 1 informed me that most experience curves reflect the joint effects of learning, technological advances and scale all of which feature in my MBA experience to date.

Coming from a science background the learning growth has been enormous already, the clues are there: my accountant husband smiles with delight as I engage wholehearted in the debate of rules-based versus principles based accounting standards. Although, as a Welshman I do wonder if his smile is more related to a recent sporting event.

I am not an avid fan of motorcycling nor have I played Wii or Xbox but now I can hold my own in a conversation on market shares in these industries. I do look forward to exploring the online dating industry in an upcoming assignment particularly when one of our team has expressed he will sign up – all in the name of experimental research of course. The strong focus on team work has been a brilliant contributor to the learning curve as well as laughs as we engage in great healthy debate at late hours and produce assignments. My favourite to date has been the complementors debate and whether the hot dog can survive without the bun.Personal_Development_300

Learning doesn’t stop at the acquisition of knowledge, as I embark on my own self-development journal, the exploration of my values, personality and emotional intelligence is yielding insightful information aiding my professional work.

Technological learning is also growing at a rate of knots, who knew there was an App to read PDF articles as you drive, proving time management tips are invaluable in the MBA experience.

This leads me to scale, in this context it is volume, where would we be without the volume of reading and assignments to add to the overall learning experience.

Only last night in the midst of Tie-gate we discovered in the forecasting world that the Donegal football team may be seen as a coconut and that Ruth is a Taurus like myself.

It really is the MBA that keeps on giving; my credit card bill is the lowest it’s been in a decade. Late night shopping ..ahem I mean …class ..on a Thursday is a blessing.

With the news of exam dates last night, resilience, endurance, stamina are all key words as I move into week 6.

So as my brain expands, I’ve been told ‘gosh you are a great dinner party guest’ alas if there was time … for now I just have to be a great conversationalist at the water cooler!

Tanya Kenny ~ EMBA Year 1