Vietnam Culture Night Part 2

Michael Smurfit Business School provides not only an excellent academic background but is also very culturally diverse. In the college, we have good opportunities to explore different cultures from many international student communities.

Tết or Vietnamese New Year, is the most important celebration of Vietnamese culture. On the first day of the first month of the Vietnamese calendar, we, Vietnamese students at Michael Smurfit Business School, successfully organized the special event called “Vietnam Cultural Night”. The main purpose of the event was to introduce Vietnamese culture and promote “Only rice is not enough,” a charity program that raises funds to provide food and cooking services in elementary schools of poor highland mountain regions.

During the event, guests were served different kinds of Vietnamese traditional foods. Some highlights of Vietnamese cultural activities that happen during Tet through the traditional costume shows, traditional dances and music provide the insights about Vietnam. The most interesting activity was the Kid Corner which enabled Vietnamese adopted children to understand about their original point. The event is one of the most meaningful activities during our one year in the Smurfit Business School.

Ba Nguyen

Full-time MBA 2014


A nice way to end Business and Society Module.

People often believe that a case presentation has to be presented in the class. However, it is not necessarily true on the UCD Smurfit Full-time MBA.  Our Study Team was the last presenting team in the final class of Business and Society module.

On that day, we were planning to host an awards ceremony in order to celebrate the end of Movember in Dark Horse, a small pub where MBA class organizes social activities. Why should not we move the pub and have the last presentation there?

Finally, our presentation was delivered in Dark Horse. It is a totally new experience for me. The judging panel awarded a few prizes and collect donations for the MOvember. Congratulations to Mo Bros.

This was such a nice way to end the module and celebrate the meaningful event. Is this similar in your class?

Nguyen Thanh Ba.

FT MBA 2014.

A better way to research a case study

Many people believe that case preparation is often a big challenge in group work. However, there are some alternative ways to work with case studies. One of our group assignments was about Yo! Sushi, a small but expanding chain of restaurants that serves Japanese-style food using a conveyer-belt restaurant design.

After our first meeting for case preparation, we asked ourselves should we not go to the restaurant to have a clear view of what we are going to present. This was a good idea. This helps to understand the offering in more detail, and how the menu and ordering system works. More importantly, by doing this, our relationship within the team grows better and stronger.  The assignment became much easier.

Would you like to try the same way?

Ba Nguyen.  FTMBA 2014.

First few weeks on the UCD MBA Fulltime Programme

We arrived from Vietnam to Dublin for Full Time MBA two weeks before the course started. During that time, life was as good as we enjoyed every moment in Dublin city  and experienced new culture and landscapes.

However, we got very busy even a few days before the course officially launched. There were so many pre-readings and assignments for each lecture and every lecture requires high academic quality. We were shocked despite having been informed by our previous alumni.

One of the best things here is that we are formed into groups so that we get significant support from every person in groups. In my group, every member is an English native speaker or has been stayed in Dublin for a long time. Therefore, I have been getting many supports from them when we perform group work.

So after all, I believe that the most important things are listening, sharing and getting on well with group members and classmates and then you will be fine!

Ba Nguyen.

FT MBA 2014