MBA World Champions

As the captain of the ladies team, I was delighted with our ladies performance given it was our first true test together, we unfortunately did not bring the cup home but the men’s team did that for us. Yet again they are the MBA Rugby World Champions!

We had quite an eventful trip with delayed flights on the way out and bombings in Boston on our way home, but I have to say we had an amazing weekend.

We had 44 athletes travel with an excellent committee to keep the show on the road. Everywhere we went everyone was so accommodating and welcoming. They loved the Irish brogue and the high spirits of the team. We had the opportunity to mingle with London Business School, Harvard, Wharton, Columbia to name a few.

It was a great opportunity to meet like minded people and network with the local business networks in the area. We hope to bring LBS ladies team over for a test match all going well in the Summer!

Our bus driver, Curly, deserves a special mention for being so accommodating with such a large crew and we hope future teams will enjoy his kind manner!

We left Ireland as individuals but we have come home a team. The effort was worth it in the end and would highly recommend any future MBA students to get on the team and join the adventure! Congratulations, MBA World Champions 2013!

Michelle Mulcahy

– Michelle Mulcahy, FT MBA 2012-13

Time is ticking!

My new adventure began in August 2012, now I’m in the middle of my second semester of my MBA, with our emerging markets trip setting off next week. This is a total turnabout from what I was doing this time last year.

From my previous life as a chartered physio, my life now is polar miles apart but that’s a good thing, I’m broadening my horizons and this will make me a more effective and well rounder person in my next new role, whatever that may be!

This time last year, I was very comfortable in my department with a set routine with great colleagues. A year on, and every day is different. The days can certainly be more challenging but there is a buzz about me! I’m learning so much, all these subjects are new to me…..I never thought I’d get a full sense of the finance sector but I’m beginning to see the light. I completed my first interview last week so things are moving along quickly. Concurrently, I’m in the middle of training our ladies rugby team to compete at the MBA Rugby World Trophy this April!

I have lots of things to look forward to, the networking events allow me to meet lots of different influential people both at home and abroad and I get the privilege of working with my diverse set of classmates.

I suppose its not all roses on the MBA, there is a multitude of work with challenges absorbing all the new information and of course, the dreaded R work, the recession, ┬ásure isn’t our main focus to get a new job that excites us and will put our new skills to the test.

Michelle Mulcahy

I look forward to the next few months, I’ve been warned by many to cherish the experience, to get the most out of the MBA because it is over way too quickly and we will once again enter the working world. With my trip to Brazil and the USA with the ladies rugby team, I can only look forward to these unique experiences in the middle of the academic calendar!

– Michelle Mulcahy, FT MBA 12-13