Hiking in Dublin

As the first light of dawn stretches across the sky, painting it in a breathtaking palette of orange and pink, I find myself lacing up my boots along with my close friends for the Bray Head Cross Hike. This isn’t just any hike; it’s a journey that resonates deeply with the transformative path I’ve embarked on as an MBA candidate. There’s something about the anticipation of discovery that makes each step forward feel like a metaphor for the academic and personal growth journey I’m navigating.

The Author and Classmates at Bray Head Cross

The terrain of Bray Head Cross is a beautiful blend of rugged and serene. With every twist and turn, a new perspective unfolds, demanding resilience and offering insights. Yet, this experience transcends academic hurdles, focusing instead on personal growth and the exhilarating sense of adventure that comes with stepping into the unknown.

This academic endeavour, significant as it may be, is but a chapter in the grand adventure of life, a backdrop to the rich narrative of exploration and discovery that defines our existence.

On this hike, the vast canvas of nature’s artistry takes centre stage, offering real lessons from the elements themselves – the wind, the sea, the earth – teaching us resilience, adaptability, and the joy of overcoming challenges. Amidst this immersive learning, the support from faculty and peers enriched my journey with guidance and companionship. The fellowship found in group projects and classroom discussions is mirrored in the silent solidarity among fellow hikers, each on their own journey yet together in a shared experience.

Reaching the Bray Head Cross, the panorama that unfolds evokes a deep sense of connection to the world around us. This moment of achievement, much like the completion of a challenging trimester, marks a milestone in the larger story of personal growth and the relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience.

The Bray Head Cross Hike is more than just a path along the beautiful Dublin coast; it’s a metaphor for life’s journeys. The academic pursuit, though a significant part of this adventure, is just one of the many paths we traverse in our quest for learning and self-discovery. It’s the journey itself, with its natural beauty, challenges, and reflective moments, that embodies the true essence of growth and development.

As I stand at the summit with my friends Lijun Chen and Harsh Mangla, looking out over the vastness before me, I’m reminded that this hike is not just about reaching the end. It’s about the stories we gather, the wisdom we gain, and the joy of the journey itself. It’s a reminder that in the grand adventure of life, the most valuable lessons come not from the destination, but from the journey.

In the end, I heartily thank all my classmates for always being there for me.

Pratik Shivare, FTMBA Class of 2024