Meet the Full Time MBA Class Reps

Each term, the Full Time MBA Class elect two members to serve as the liaison between the students, faculty, and administration. This autumn the roles are held by Vinamrata Pandey and Emer Walshe.

What ways do you hope your career will change when you’ve earned your MBA?

Emer: Initially, when I applied for the MBA, I was uncertain of my specific career aspirations, however, I knew a change was in sight. Having worked as a manager for over 10 years in two fast-paced, dynamic industries that required quick adaptation to change, I knew that a pivot into a new area would be an exciting endeavour. The MBA has broadened my outlook and crystallised my ambition to transition into a strategy-focused role. Strategy is the essence of business and I want to be a part of helping to shape its future. My MBA journey so far has been about discovering the means to forge this new path for myself.

FTMBA Class Rep Emer Walshe

Vinamrata: Swapping marketing magic for a leadership wand, my MBA adventure is about more than climbing the corporate ladder—it’s about building a whole new ladder for business. Think of it as trading in my organised creative hat for a strategist’s cap, all while keeping my moral compass firmly in hand.

I am thrilled about the possibility of exploring international opportunities that the MBA could reveal, enabling me to lead cross-border initiatives with a blend of innovative entrepreneurship, fresh leadership, communication skills and marketing expertise. Combining business knowledge with a global perspective, I am fully committed to creating value that extends beyond profit, aiming for a career that makes a positive impact on both the balance sheet and the world.

In a nutshell, I’m gearing up to be that leader who’s as comfortable in a boardroom as I am in a brainstorming session, driving change that’s smart, kind-hearted, and, fingers crossed, planet-friendly.

How would you spend your ideal day off?

Vinamrata: On my perfect day off, I’d strike a balance between invigorating my mind, rejuvenating my body, and nourishing my soul – basically, I’d be a triple threat to any form of stress. The morning would start with a peaceful meditation, followed by diving into a good book, letting my imagination roam free. For a body boost, I’d grab my racket for a lively game of badminton, letting the swift movements and competitive spirit energise my body. The second half of the day would be dedicated to a creative pursuit or hobby that feeds my soul, maybe painting or dancing. As the sun sets, I’d wrap up the day with a cosy gathering of friends and family, sharing food, laughter, and stories, feeling grateful for the simple joys of life.

FTMBA Class Rep Vinamrata Pandey

Emer: My ideal day off involves being at the top of a mountain, with my dog, taking in the breath-taking views of Ireland’s magnificent scenery. There is nothing more relaxing than a crisp, clear day with blue skies looking out over the Dublin mountains. After 7 years of exploring the volcanic terrain and hidden coves of the Canary Islands, I’m happy to be back in my luscious, green home country, where I can enjoy breathing the clean, fresh air and savouring the unique landscapes Ireland has to offer. Oh, and without technology. A true break can only be taken when you disconnect from the world and reconnect yourself with nature.

The Class Reps together, outside UCD Smurfit Main Hall

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started your MBA?

Emer: To savour every moment. Time passes by so quickly that sometimes you don’t realise what’s just happened. You forget to enjoy the moments, really take in the experiences of connecting with new people, relish in the long evenings and weekends with your new “family”, your study cohort, and reflect on the transformation that’s happening within you. It goes by before you know it, and the process is shaping the very being you’ll become. Embrace the journey.

Vinamrata: Three months into my MBA, and if I could sit down with my pre-MBA self, I’d say, “Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride — think ‘roller coaster meets networking event.’ Real wisdom is found not just in lectures, but also in the late-night study sessions, the diverse perspectives shared by international classmates, and the real-world case studies where the most valuable lessons are learned.

I’d also underline the importance of agility — the ability to pivot not just in business decisions but in career plans as new opportunities and interests unveil themselves. And on the personal front, it turns out crafting my narrative is as critical as any case study analysis. It’s about weaving my unique set of skills into a story that resonates as loudly in interviews as it does in networking mixers. If only I’d known to sell my study-induced panda eyes as a mark of dedication from day one!

Emer Walshe and Vinamrata Pandey, FTMBA Class of 2024