Meet a Class Rep: Abhimanyu Kacker

Originally from India, Abhimanyu moved to Ireland from the United Arab Emirates in summer 2021 to begin his studies with the UCD Smurfit MBA. He serves as one of two class representatives for autumn term. Please enjoy this brief introduction:

A man with short dark hair, wearing glasses, a windbreaker, jeans, and hiking boots, smiles next to a whitewater river at the base of a mountain.

What skill have you learned in the programme so far that you’re most excited to take to work?

Perspective. During my pre-MBA experience, more often than not, I used to focus on activities at very micro levels. The most important skill I’ve learned from the MBA so far is the ability to zoom out and have a look at the bigger picture. By virtue of being part of a cohort which has tremendous diversity in terms of culture, background, and experience, one also learns to look at one common problem from different viewpoints and acquires the ability to solve it through several approaches.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got from a boss or coworker?

Your network is your net worth.

What’s one thing none of your MBA classmates know about you?

I almost became a hearty snack for a whale shark in the Philippines!

A man in shorts, t-shirt, life vest, and scuba mask floats in a blue sea next to a spotted whale shark.

Abhimanyu Kacker, FTMBA Class of 2022