Figuring Out the Code

If you still have not figured out the text above it is all right but I can confirm that it is not a text error or a website glitch. It is rather like punching the right code to get into the MBA Suite (a room on UCD Smurfit campus that is reserved for MBA students’ use).

An Indian man stands next to a black marble fireplace, with an Irish flag and a poster saying 'Céad Míle Fáilte' ('One Hundred Thousand Welcomes') above the mantel
Shantanu in UCD Smurfit’s Main Hall

As I jumped from a cliff of unstructured start-ups into the structured world of the MBA, it felt like landing in the fifth dimension. My last education journey was nine years back, before I graduated as a computer engineer, and can be defined as the best days of the carefree life. I started the MBA program as a full cup, but soon realized that there will always be a subset of knowledge that I do not know. “Acceptance is a hard thing to accept” but once accepted it clears the head space and is self-motivating. This brought pivotal changes in my attitude and centered around the knowledge that was pragmatic and applicable in the real-world.

In addition to the MBA tasks, I was also very dedicated in deciding the best course of action: between working on the assignment for 48 hours or grabbing 4 pack of Guinness (always go for the latter). It was amazing playing futsal and going on random long walks. But, I have very few days when presentations, assignments and group meetings will not conflict with fun plans. In the midst of all the program commitments, it was important for me to keep myself engrossed with my passion. This provoked me to get a side gig associated with current projects in the technology majorly in the blockchain domain.

The United Nations estimates a global average life expectancy of 72.6 years, this one year at MBA is just 1.38% of an average life, but feels far more. Today is history & today will be remembered. It always excites me to meet new people and travel around new destinations, and the MBA journey has blessed me with both. The whole notion is to keep the excitement alive, be real, choose the key moments and maintain the balance between professional and passionate lifestyle.  

I never wanted to fit the MBA program on me, but rather to choose certain aspects from the program that can bring drastic change in my lens, the way I see the world. Soon, I will be entering a different world that hopefully brings in more spice in my life.

Shantanu Bamnavat, FTMBA Class of 2021