An Evening with the Most Inspiring Ladies

Whilst pursuing my MBA from Smurfit, I got an opportunity to attend the “IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards, 2018”. Sounds like some academy award function? Well it was no less! In all of its glitz, glamour and dazzle, women from all across Ireland were celebrated for their dedication towards their work and their entrepreneurial skills in every field from social to digital media. Ironically the event was hosted on 19 November, “International Men’s day”, in the Clayton Hotel, Burlington.


It was my first opportunity to go to such even. I was excited about meeting women who had excelled at their respective domains. I was stumped by the grandeur of the venue, with the decorated pink and gold colours for the event. Every woman was dressed to the nines, beaming with pride due to being nominated for an award or due to being there to support their colleagues in their nomination or some where there like me to be inspired. Every table in the ballroom was finely decorated with feathers, candles and pearls and a beautiful gift was provided in the form of a bracelet with “success” monogrammed on it.

Sitting there listening to their stories, we could feel the fire in their heart, their determination and passion which has got them this far. Their stories exuberated that age is just a number, you can start anytime in your life and glory comes when every setback is dealt with through perseverance and most importantly by keeping your head high when things get tough.

One of the most profound messages I took away from the night was when Anne Harris said on stage: “anger dies, love doesn’t, in the professional and the personal, and respect and more respect is the way to bridge that gap.”

This event was one of the many of the milestones in my MBA journey, teaching and inspiring me to the core. It was not a celebration of just a few successful women, but the celebration of every woman’s perseverance, the battles they have fought and the support they have received in fighting these battles in the business world


I hope to return to such an event, not only to make my mark my time on the MBA at Smurfit, but also as a mark of my imprint on the Irish business world upon graduation.

Ankita Aggarwal, FTMBA 2018/19