Jiggery Pokery to Tomfoolery


When I embarked on this MBA journey, I was cautioned to “Be afraid”. That warning was not aimed at the MBA Programme but at the Jiggery Pokery done in financial statements. Six weeks into the course and that fear has turned into appreciation for the quality of education I have received to date. I realised soon after the start of the MBA Programme, that I am surrounded by some very talented and intellectually curious minds. My peers in the programme who bring with them a wealth of experience and diversity have made these first few weeks exciting, despite the heavy workload.

From convincing my class to invest in a runaway alarm clock to sending game theory ‘moonshots’ that there may be free cookies in the MBA room, this course has taught me a lot. The pace at which the course progresses is recognised when you sit to write your first blog and realize it’s October. The Deans’ words from the welcome dinner ring true “Thank your partners for letting you do this MBA, they are doing this MBA with you”. When I get home and have a stack of case studies and readings with me, I do thank my wife for being patient while I optimise the supply chain for dinner.

So I am ready to learn more and no amount of tomfoolery, barriers to entries or Cournot games are going to stop me or 40 of my peers from being successful on this journey.

Ashish Babbar ~ Full Time MBA