Newstalk MBA Scholarship


I had been interested in doing an MBA for a while but a number of factors had caused me to hesitate. These included the considerable financial cost, having to study for the GMAT, and the implications for my work-life balance. This time last year, having just had a baby, all of these considerations suddenly became even more pertinent to me.

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Nonetheless,  I was determined to know more about the UCD Smurfit MBA so I went along to one of the open days where I discovered that there were a number of scholarships available which we were encouraged to apply for. When I realised that there was a 100% Newstalk scholarship, the opportunity seemed too good to pass up. While I naturally assumed that it would be very difficult to win it, I decided that I was going to give it my best shot and a few weeks later I could barely believe it when I got the news that I had been succesful. I am, of course, extremely grateful for the opportunity that this has provided me and I can honestly say that my only regret is having procrastinated for so long before actually applying. With the closing date for applications for this year’s competition approaching, I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of applying to do so.

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A few tips from me, when drafting your application or sitting an interview, consider your value proposition (value proposition) to UCD Smurfit. Where will you provide value? Are you a collaborative team player who is going to assist in creating a harmonious group learning environment? Perhaps you are a highly analytical thinker who is going to challenge illogical concepts and demonstrate sound judgement? Maybe you are an innovative problem solver that will create novel solutions to real problems? Whatever it is, be sure of it and then clearly build your application around it.  Finally, consider your target audience and think about how best to articulate this value proposition in both written and spoken formats.

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The MBA has already had a transformative effect on the way that I think about management problems and I am only half way through it. Best of luck to all who are applying, you won’t regret it. Give it your best shot.

Conor Connolly ~ Executive MBA, Year 1