Balancing the Turtle and the Hare

Well, the ‘Hare’ here is my new born self from the fast paced MBA life, and ‘Turtle’ is my slow and analysing inner original self. I have been thinking of writing this blog for a while, but then again the ‘Turtle’ wouldn’t let me. Ever since I have started this journey of MBA, and it has been one semester already, I have been trying to fight a constant battle with my procrastination. For someone like me who has an engineering background, proactive behaviour just does not come naturally (unless of course if it is to do with something technical or related to problem solving), and last minute pressure situation or ‘Emergent Strategy’ as some of you would like to call it is circumstantially the best suited.

On one hand, the ‘Turtle’ inside would invariably force me to critically analyse the details, take one step at a time, know all the facts, and not to move on until I grasp the concept. On the other hand, the newly born ‘Hare’ wants me to change my habits and get on with things at a fast pace, plan in advance for everything and the most dreadful of all, multitask.

Last three months or so have been a ride for me, trying to balance between the ‘Turtle’ and the ‘Hare’. And, boy oh boy was it fun.

Deepak Sharma

Full-time MBA