Time management lessons

Baby Alex contemplating his future with an MBA

It has been an eventful few months. In August I finished up work and moved house to Dublin. This was the same month that I started the Full Time MBA programme and became fully immersed in the course. With the workload of the MBA my time management skills were thoroughly tested from the outset. Being a project manager, I managed my time well at the beginning with various calendars, trackers and to-do lists. I was very busy, or so I thought.

Then baby Alex arrived to the world on 27th September. My time since has become even more precious. I have learned how to function on approximately five hours sleep a night. I have learned how to carry out various baby related tasks, sometimes while reading a chapter of ‘Contemporary Strategy Analysis’. The MBA and the coursework that goes with it has continued at full throttle. I have had great support from my classmates (thanks for the babygro!) and my ‘performing’ team.

Had I known how hectic these months would be, would I change anything?

Not for a minute!

Jospeh McMenamin

Full-time class 2015