First month on the rollercoaster

It’s only one month (and a half) ago that I’ve left Italy?

It’s the 10th of October and so many things has yet happened that it seems to me that one year has passed.  My work and my usual life in Italy are so far now because since the first day of the Immersion week, every day is a challenge, every day since the first is full of emotions. Add to this the fact that I’m in a new country, not speaking my own language and with different lifestyle (although still European) and probably you’ll understand what I’m saying. But it’s all good because I’m here for that: stepping out of my comfort zone.

And like any endeavour has high and low moments, exactly like rollercoasters: exciting, sometimes frightening but when you find yourself still alive and fighting after the first two or three up-and-down (let’s call it assignment or presentations in MBA life!) you already know that you will try it again, wanting more.

Edoardo Trabucchi

Full-time class 2015