How do you market to an MBA student?

One of the main reasons to do an MBA is to gain exposure to areas you have absolutely no experience in, and marketing is definitely one of those for me.  Business strategy + marketing = success, it is a simple enough equation that even I can work with. Add in the marketing 5C’s and 4P’s (I had never heard of them either) and I now know infinitely more about marketing than I did last week.

The subject of marketing got me thinking what has had the greatest effect on me lately? Well, I have really fancied a Grolsch since Sunday, I am now convinced there is no point vacuuming unless it is with a Dyson, and if I ever buy a motorbike it will have to be a Ducati. As I am sure you have guessed they are all recent case studies we have spent hours analysing.

So how do you market to an MBA student? Write a good case study! You’ll be sure to have a captive audience.

Niall Twomey

EMBA Weekend year 2