The value of an MBA is in the opportunities you create

Most people start their MBA journey with the aim of either starting their own business or changing careers. Smurfit business school provides fantastic resources to support its participants in achieving these goals through its Careers Office, Leadership Development Programme and Entrepreneurs Club.

The reality is that starting a business or changing careers is a time-consuming process –something that is extremely difficult to come by during an MBA programme!

A common mistake of MBA students is spending too much time with their “heads in the books” and not enough time leveraging the resources and networking opportunities provided by Smurfit Business School.

Therefore, my advice to my classmates as we embark on year 2 of our programme (and also to incoming MBA students) is to keep your head up and embrace all opportunities that present themselves while completing your MBA.

These opportunities will not fall into your lap – you have to get out of your comfort zone and make things happen. The best way to approach this is by attending and participating in as many events as possible (and there’s literally one on every other week).

We need look no further than the success of recent MBA’s graduates Ian Nolan and Ciara O’Brien to see the opportunities available through the Smurfit MBA programme.

Michael O’Dwyer (2nd Year EMBA)