UCD Smurfit MBA Day out at the K Club.

UCD Smurfit MBA Golf Society Blog update for their latest outing:

Derek “the Scallywag” Scally, you dark horse!!! As a 1981 UCD Smurfit MBA Alum, and one of the true gentlemen from the Golden Era of MBA education (please note: finishing a course that did not contain an “Ethics” module), he continued to set the K Club alight in what were some challenging conditions to take home UCD MBA’s 50th Anniversary Prize. Derek was graciously joined by his dear 1981 MBA colleague and friend, Norbert McDermott and his fellow Meath brother in arms, Donal Coyle (who won the wonderful “Monkey’s Ass” Visitor’s Prize). Alongside an always entrepreneurial (both on and off the golf course) Joe Kenny, this foursome could be heard chuckling their way through the 18 holes and well into the 19th. The highlight of this group came when Joe attempted a Crazy Golf style shot across one of the many bridges traversing the water on the 12th. Derek, we all agree, you deserved the victory, keeping it simple throughout.

It has however since been disputed that the true winner on the day was the venerable Mr Dave Larkin. While waiting patiently for MBA Course Director (and first timer with MBAGS) Orla Nugent, the beautiful 2007 Alum Elaine Daly and the always eager (and late) Liam Doyle, Dave was accosted by a bunch of thieves and yet still plucked up the courage to play an admirable round of golf: the booty they stole, two Mars bars, and the thieves, a bunch of hungry crows!! Unfortunately, in the absence of Elaine Daly, this threesome managed some unbelievable shots, including a smashing hit on the 18th from Ms Nugent which came very close to winning the coveted “Pig’s Ass” trophy of Longest Drive. It should be noted that Dave, you are certainly on course for the Most Improved Player prize. A closing comment from Liam Doyle summed up how he got on: “This stableford handicap system works, I actually scored some points” – That a boy Liam.

Possibly one of the most interesting foursomes during this outing was the Bourke Clan, consisting of Andrew, Ian and Darren. With the fourthBourke member (Mark) calling in sick, Charlie Weijer (on the back of a fantastic promotion to EMEA Director at Informatica six days ago, congratulations Charlie) decided to act as the intermediary in this tense familial golfing contest. Every hole during this exciting round was filled with Suarez like controversy.  No teeth marks were visible but challenges such as Nearest the Pin became scenes of silverback bravado, with each player hitting closer than the last. Coupling this with Darren managing to hit a hare from 170 yards and pitching in over a lake from 100 yards out led to boos and cheers unheard of since Tiger Woods’ public rise and demise. Ciaran Hynes (in the middle of his backswing) graciously noted “Would those Bourke’s ever shutup?”… And the answer is No Ciaran, they won’t!!!

Ian’s drives were impeccable while Andrew continued to apply the pressure when it counted (even having a bull in heat mooing at the perfect time to have Ian completely distracted during a vital putt on the 13th). Ian also topped Joe for “Trick Shot of the Tournament”, somehow managing to hit a bunker shot back over his own head, losing another 5 yards!! With a small side bet in place, this competition went back and forth, eventually finishing in a draw. I believe this ancestral rivalry will continue beyond the K Club.

Upon a return to the 19th, a relieved Kimberley Jones exclaimed “Thank you for putting us in the first group, we missed most of the rain”. By all accounts, it also meant she and Niall O Muire could start drinking early too and reflect on what was an “interesting day’s golf”. Jessica Brady and James Sammon again managed to caddy each other to prizes with Jessica smashing an unbelievable 240 yards off the Ladies tee, leaving all male players confused as to why the white marker looked like a dot on the fairway (James another third place, must do better). Jessica was in fine form (probably because she had replaced the soaking wet black Uggs she wore in the last outing with actual golf shoes this time) rallied during the mid-section to leave Kimberley pondering “There is NO WAY she should be playing off 27”. The camaraderie during this foursome was brilliant, even taking the time to take an Oscar style selfie.

The final group to discuss is the absolute rabble of Cormac Dunne, Ciaran Hynes, Finlay Barry and Emmet McMahon. Ciaran continued to be distracted by the “Bourke hollering”, taking his anger out on his Hewlett Packard balls which increased Cormac’s confidence to craftily playhis way to second place (in spite of his 90 degree shank onto the fake Disney rocks on Nearest the Pin Hole ; Finlay, you really didn’t need to copyhim). Finlay and Emmet, very welcome newcomers continued to battle through the incredibly technical course and, with respective sighs of relief, finished out the 18th. It seems that the UCD sponsored Goody bags were being used to good effect with Cormac managing to hydrate just at the right time. However, I believe the fisherman in the various lakes on the course had the biggest haul of the day with pretty much every UCD printed golf ball drowned in the water! A massive thank you must be given to Michael McDonnell and Orla Nugent for organising UCD Smurfit Business School’s sponsorship of these treats.

With all combatants showered and refreshed, a wonderful three course meal was enjoyed in the intimate Smurfit K Club bar where there was impeccable food and service. It truly topped off a superb day. Again, we would like to thank everyone who has supported the club to date. We wish to continue the club as an outlet to network, make new friends, and have a laugh while playing the wonderful sport of golf.

The next outing is an overnight trip to Bunclody in Co. Wexford, staying in the Carlton Millrace Hotel. This will book up quickly as all are welcome so please go to http://www.ucdsmurfitgolf.ie/Schedule_2014.html to book yourself and your friends in. You do not need to stay down, but we do believe the session is going to be great fun afterwards.

Player of the Year points will also be up for grabs and these will be updated on the website shortly after each event.

Here are the results from the K Club.

1st Place:                            Derek Scally 37 points
Ladies Prize:                       Orla Nugent 28 points
2nd Place:                           Cormac Dunne 31 points
3rd Place:                           James Sammon 28 points
Long Drive:                         Jessica Brady (240 yards!)
Nearest the pin:                   Derek Scally (9’6”)
Visitor Prize:                       Donal Coyle 34 points

Many thanks again and see you soon.

Greens and Fairways

Andrew Bourke
Cormac Dunne