Lots of change and building work on campus

Getting around the Smurfit main building is a little awkward these days as various rooms and corridors are closed off for the summer and skips and portacabins appear around the campus.  Short trips to the restaurant for that all important cup of coffee in the morning have now become a scenic tour around the outside of the building or if it is raining a tramp up and down various staircases.  It is all going to be a bit of a nuisance for a while but the disruption will be worth it because it is all part of major refurbishment of the Common Room where Smurfit students meet to eat, talk and work on their assignments, a complete overhaul of the Schools largest lecture theatre C201 and last but not least the conversion of the Memorial Hall into three new state of the art classrooms.  It is great to see the campus expanding and updating and we look forward to seeing the outcome in early autumn.