Annual MBA BBQ 2014

The annual MBA BBQ took place this last weekend in the grounds of the School.  We had a great turnout with 120 adults and 50 children in attendance and although the sun only saw fit to shine for about 30 seconds towards the end of the afternoon the day was still bright and warm enough to almost convince us that it was mid-summer.    Many thanks to Adrian and the team from the restaurant who put on a great spread and kept the food, drinks and ice cream coming.  The only disappointment on show was when the cornettos ran out but there were still choc ices and brunches so all was not lost.  While the mums and dads of the MBA settled down to discuss life, the universe and everything (including some die-hards talking about the MBA) the entertainers from Sillybilly put on their usual show and kept the little guests happy and occupied for the afternoon.

Entertainers from Sillybilly keep the younger crowd busy while mummy and daddy network