Learning to analyse and love Financial Statements

Eamonn Walsh in action

Among the MBA courses and options, there is one that I really enjoyed. This is the course on Financial Statement Analysis given by Professor Eamonn Walsh. For the first time, someone was able to connect the strategy of a company or an industry with its financial statements in a concrete form following big principles, abstracts and visual ways. Thus, it presents the financial statements of companies in an original sense in order to make them smarter. It mobilizes all the knowledge we had in finance and accounting since the beginning of our MBA.

The course goes back and forth between macroeconomics and finance, between a global understanding of the issues and to carry out some technical treatments needed for the evaluation of a business. Concrete examples illustrate the course with economic situations in certain countries or certain sectors or industries such as pension which was interesting as it opened the debate during the course.

This comprehensive option ends with an project of a company evaluation. It is a complete and rich project which make me think about the Transactions Services activities that some firms realized such as PWC, E&Y or Deloitte.

This course is also a base on which we can rely in a buyout. Everything is orchestrated by a professional, dynamic and enthusiastic lecturer. The mastery of the subject by the teacher would almost make us forget how evaluation can be complex. Fortunately, what is conceived well expresses clearly and often appears as a simple at the end.

Erwan Le Pavec

FT Class 2014