Smurfit/Irish Aid ‘Ideas’ scholarship enters its 2014 interview phase and heads for Vietnam

This is the 6th year that the Smurfit School has been involved with the Irish Aid “IDEAS” programme. Irish aid provides scholarships for candidates from Irelands developing country partners such as Vietnam, to further their education in Ireland in subject areas which are relevant to the development of the individual’s home country. Since the start of the scholarship programme we have welcomed over 72 Vietnamese students to the school.

This April, the director of the MBA Orla Nugent and I will fly to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to complete the interview process to select the top 20-25 students for both the MSc and MBA programmes. This will be my first trip to Vietnam and I’m really excited. As a lifelong foodie, I can’t wait to try some of the local food- Phở (Vietnamese Noodle Soup), Bún Bò Huế (Beef Vermicelli Soup), Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa (Coconut Pandan Waffles) to name just a few! There was a huge volume of people that attended this year’s têt celebration that the current Vietnamese students held in the school in February, so I’m confident that next year’s cohort will be equally embraced by Smurfit and it’s students.

Olivia Moss

Smurfit Admissions