Case Studies – Lecturers: 2 Students: 0

New semester, new teams and new modules; it’s going to be interesting. One thing which seems to set this semester apart from the last semester is the increased volume of case studies. What better way to get to know your new team mates than mulling over a case study or two?

First up an opportunity to go back in time to save a British motorcycle company from the Japanese invasion. After some creative brainstorming a plan for world domination is put in place; you would almost feel sorry for the company’s competitors! With a detailed report by our side we looked forward to the class analysis confirming the brilliance of the plan. The first question asked and our plan looks shaky “Would you invest your own money in this company?” Now that you mention it, probably not. By the end of the class discussion the company’s competitive disadvantage is so great you almost feel like turning off the lights on the British motorcycle industry yourself.

Next up a chance to redeem ourselves by creating a state of the art IT system for a major fashion retailer. The IT system we are suggesting is going to be the rock they build their business on. Back in class a sense of déjà vu emerges, as the lecturer proves what they already have will do just fine. Again we are pressed if this was your company would you spend your money on an IT overhaul or just a tweak? A tweak will do just fine.

Lesson learned: It’s time to put on our critical thinking cap and look for the less obvious. The good news is that we have plenty of time to even the score.

Niall Twomey

EMBA 2015