What a day @ Dublin Web Summit

Dublin Web Summit, for those uninitiated few, is europe’s biggest technology conference and also one the largest in the world. The third edition of this phenomenal event saw around 10,000 delegates and 350 speakers. This event has always on my radar in the past years but didn’t materialise for one reason or the other.

This year, since I am in Dublin, I thought this is too close to be missed. Given the scarcity of time in an intense course and no better way financially to be part of this event,  I signed up for volunteering.  After half a day’s of intense volunteering starting early morning from 6am until the afternoon, it was only around noon that the actual event began to sink in for me – The RDS was literally flooded with the best of best in the technology industry. Great startup stalls from around the world, small stages for startups to pitch to VCs & big stages dedicated for various popular themes like cloud, digital marketing etc. For renowned speakers this was all meticulously planned and well executed. Hats off to the organisers, there was a great buzz and a nice informal atmosphere for chatting on ideas and getting inspired. It was a surprise and a pleasure chatting with the folks from Atlassian, great product company providing nice, intuitive tools for online collaboration and agile, which we used in my last organisation.

On the speakers front, one of my favourite speakers was Bonin Bough from Mondelez international who mesmerised the audience with his energy and insights on mobile marketing.  It was a revelation to know “more than 24% of media is consumed on a mobile device but only 1% of the spending happens through it”.

A highly recommended video – http://new.livestream.com/websummit/DigitalStage2013/videos/33544191

Incase you missed, the following are some great online repositories to view these exciting speakers –

Digital stagehttp://new.livestream.com/websummit/DigitalStage2013/videos/

Theme stageshttp://new.livestream.com/websummit/

So, looking back, how did I feel about the event. Oh well, it surely was great craic!!!

Sundaresan Balasubramanian,

FT MBA 2014.