Learning New Things.

Our first semester is coming to an end. Time is really flying these days. I am so eager and look forward to the next two weeks, when all is said and done, I will have one month free!!!

I heard from many former students that the first semester is the hardest semester of the course.  If what they said it right, I am about to overcome the hardest part of the course in the next two weeks!!!

After nearly four months studying here, I have learnt a lot from my classmates and my Team-mates.  There are two characteristics of my classmates that I really wish that I can apply to myself and they are the way they manage time and their self-discipline. Hopefully, I can be more disciplined and better in managing my time, even it takes time to achieve these skills, I will do my best.

I have gone through one-third of my UCD Smurfit MBA course. Hopefully, in eight months’ time, the day I leave Dublin and take the flight back to Vietnam, I will have learned many new things in comparison to the day I left Vietnam some five months ago.

Trang Do.

FTMBA 2014.