A nice way to end Business and Society Module.

People often believe that a case presentation has to be presented in the class. However, it is not necessarily true on the UCD Smurfit Full-time MBA.  Our Study Team was the last presenting team in the final class of Business and Society module.

On that day, we were planning to host an awards ceremony in order to celebrate the end of Movember in Dark Horse, a small pub where MBA class organizes social activities. Why should not we move the pub and have the last presentation there?

Finally, our presentation was delivered in Dark Horse. It is a totally new experience for me. The judging panel awarded a few prizes and collect donations for the MOvember. Congratulations to Mo Bros.

This was such a nice way to end the module and celebrate the meaningful event. Is this similar in your class?

Nguyen Thanh Ba.

FT MBA 2014.