Week 3

The thing that impresses me the most after three weeks studying in the full–time UCD Smurfit MBA class is the support of my group-mates for me.

Remember the first time we met as a group at a Sunday evening at Horse Dark Bar for the team charter, I felt comfortable when I left the bar after the meeting, but also in that night when I came back to the campus, I did talk to myself that “Everything always seems to be very good at the beginning but let’s see what happens at the end”. Sorry my team mates for having these thoughts but I have some experience on my own about this issue.

Three weeks gone, and it seems to me that my initial thought right at the time when I left the bar is right. I have received lots of support from my group mates. I also learn a lot from my group mates’ seriousness and their hard- working as well.

Trang Do.

FT MBA 2014