First few weeks on the UCD MBA Fulltime Programme

We arrived from Vietnam to Dublin for Full Time MBA two weeks before the course started. During that time, life was as good as we enjoyed every moment in Dublin city  and experienced new culture and landscapes.

However, we got very busy even a few days before the course officially launched. There were so many pre-readings and assignments for each lecture and every lecture requires high academic quality. We were shocked despite having been informed by our previous alumni.

One of the best things here is that we are formed into groups so that we get significant support from every person in groups. In my group, every member is an English native speaker or has been stayed in Dublin for a long time. Therefore, I have been getting many supports from them when we perform group work.

So after all, I believe that the most important things are listening, sharing and getting on well with group members and classmates and then you will be fine!

Ba Nguyen.

FT MBA 2014