In at the Deep End!

Week one.

Lectures kicked off on Monday 2nd Sept at 8.30am on the UCD Smurfit MBAFinancial Reporting with Niamh Brennan.

“This is how you prepare an income, profit and loss statement. This is how you prepare a balance sheet. Any questions?”


“Good, these are your assignments for Thursday.”

Two months’ worth of accountancy lectures at undergrad level, dexterously squeezed into two hours. The pace was set for the rest of the week.

It’s not that the lecturers assume students have considerable previous knowledge of the subjects. There’s just a lot of work to get through. The best thing to do is to jump straight in. The only comfort being the reassurance that others have gone through the same process in the past and lived to tell the tale.

We’ll see!

David Kiernan,

FTMBA 2014.