Discover a place by walking through its history.

When you arrive in a foreign country, one way to discover it might be by walking through its history. Thus, I can suggest visiting Kilmainham jail in the west of Dublin centre. The visit lasts 45min and carries you back to another time.

Just before that, you could start the visit at the GPO (General Post Office), in O’Connell Street. Some events occurred there and are related to the jail. Moreover, it would be a chance to see the famous Spire of Dublin.

The Kilmainham Jail visit begins with a projection of a well-made movie about the jail. Numerous prisoners were sent on to Australia. Numerous Great Irish men from the time of Independence were also jailed in Kilmainham before their execution.

A guide conducts small groups of tourists in the jail corridors. History is well told. You really feel the atmosphere of the place, with its wet walls, its small cells and how prisoners could live at that time. The great famine is also linked to that place. The visit and the small museum before leaving the jail explain why.

Some places are very particular with specific stories like the Connolly one. You’ll learn about Ireland with this visit and its famous leading figures.

Erwan Le Pavec.

FT MBA 2014