A Whirlwind start to the MBA

Sitting down to write this blog entry and reflect on the first 2 weeks of the Full Time MBA journey, it dawned on me that the time has flown past. It is not that long ago that I was packing myself up to move back to Dublin after 6 years away living in London and most recently, Chicago. It does, however, feel like a lifetime ago.

How the time has flown became pretty stark to me as I stepped away at the end of Foundation week to attend my brother’s wedding in Malibu. Whilst this may sound exotic, flying half way around the world for a weekend is not something I would recommend – particularly at the start of an MBA programme! However, on coming back into the class on Wednesday, having missed only (!) 2 days of classes, it quickly felt as if I had missed 2 months! So quickly does life move in Smurfit.

On a personal level, the quality of people in this year’s class seems extremely high and it is exciting to consider the amount I will learn off everyone else. It was especially enjoyable to attend the welcome dinner this past Friday evening and to celebrate a classmate’s birthday in style. I think it is vital for us all to, above all, have fun this year and Friday evening was a great start to the social side of the MBA. This small snippet has led to a fascinating start to the MBA journey (and this without mentioning the academic side of things!). Here’s to laughing along the way, keeping on top of the workload and, most of all, avoiding crying in the MBA office!

Jim Radmore – FTMBA 13/14