Year 2 – The beginning of the End!?!

One year into the MBA and a year wiser, or so I think!  Having recently been reflecting on the first year of the MBA in order to advise a potential student, I reviewed the blog I wrote after foundation week last year.  It brought all of the memories (and emotions) flooding back to me:

  • the extent of work involved in applying (which was only the beginning!);
  • the exhilaration upon receiving an offer for a place;
  • the nervousness and trepidation of the first day (and week);
  • the relief when I realised we were all in the same boat; and
  • ultimately, the fun of the foundation week and the great people that are involved in the Smurfit MBA.

Looking back on that first week now, the fear of the unknown was the primary feeling which I remember leading into the week.  However, I left the week with a renewed enthusiasm (and many more friends).

My foundation week tips for incoming students are as follows:

  1. Be open to new things in order to gain the most from the week;
  2. Do not fear the unknown, if you have been accepted on the course, you are most definitely of a calibre which can complete it;
  3. Learn when to listen and when to speak up, particularly in the team building exercises which are a good approximation of group work on the MBA;
  4. Be open to meeting new people and try to introduce yourself to as many people as possible (particularly from the other classes) as these people can be of great assistance; and
  5. Have fun!

On a more holistic note, Year 1 of the Exec MBA has taught me a phenomenal amount about business (and the people underlying each business) which I would not have been able to learn elsewhere.  As a class, we have had our share of good times but we have also worked extremely hard to get through and it is the collective support which gets people through.  I can also happily report that the MBA has already had a positive impact on some colleagues’ careers as they have moved job or been promoted during the first year (primarily with thanks to the MBA).  My final thoughts on the EMBA experience,

  • Has it been enjoyable?  Undoubtedly!
  • Has there been low points?  You bet…
  • Have I learnt everything that I thought I would?  Yes, and much more on top.
  • Have I worked hard?  Even harder than I thought possible in Brian McGrath’s foundation week lecture…
  • Do I regret applying for the course? No way!
  • Would I advise others to apply?  Definitely (and I have done already)!

– Shaun O’Keeffe, EMBA Yr 2