Good Luck Brian Marrinan!

This week, the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) announced the shortlists for the 2013 Awards for Excellence. These competitive awards attract nominations from across the HE Careers sector in the UK and from the Irish Universities and the ITs.

Brian Marrinan, MBA Career Manager

We are delighted to announce that MBA Career Manager Brian Marrinan has been shortlisted along with two others for the AGCAS Outstanding Individual Contribution Award. Brian is the only nomination from outside of the UK for any of the awards.

These are some of the reasons why Brian was nominated,

“Brian has shown absolute dedication to creating links that pair the Smurfit Business School with the very best of industry in Ireland and abroad. It is out of these links that UCD MBAs secure access to top-tier companies for Capstone projects and for employment opportunities. I am grateful to Brian for creating the opportunity for me to demonstrate my abilities to my current employer. Brian understood my interests, strengths and motivations, and contributed hugely towards the value that I continue to gain from my Smurfit MBA.”
– Paul Buckley FT MBA 2012

“I decided to do an MBA as I wanted to make a radical change in my career. Right from the get go, one of the best parts of our year was the careers and personal development programme which Brian ran. Every Friday we had an amazing array of speakers, life coaches and career advisors spend time with us. Brian put extraordinary effort into getting the mix right.
However, what stands out for me most, was the degree of personal care and attention Brian gave each of us. His door was always open and he supported, advised and pushed us as we struggled through next steps.
As I went through the arduous interview process with McKinsey, Brian was a fantastic coach and supporter. He really set me up for success.
Brian is an exceptional careers manager, an advisor, support and friend. I will always be very grateful to him for helping me to find a new career and path post MBA.”
– Barbara O’Beirne FT MBA 2011

– Rikke Budolfsen, MBA Programme Manager