MBA Golf Society event

The second outing of the newly created UCD Smurfit MBA Golf Society took place on 24th May 2013 in Druids Heath Golf Club. With the popularity of the society increasing four fold from the previous excursion in Carton House, competition was reaching fever pitch. New players of note included David Joyce, our resident MBA scratch golfer extraordinaire, Eamon Ambrose, the first lecturer to take on the mighty students, and Emma Fagan, our first (and hopefully not last) female competitor.

The relaxed atmosphere was evident as the players approached the first tee. With the sun shining, and a majestic view of the Irish Sea, almost all tee shots were a joy to watch. The course had been well groomed, although Cormac Dunne had specifically asked the Green keepers to keep the rough “healthy and challenging” (It has since been estimated that the course swallowed in the region of 120 balls over the course of the day, thanks Cormac).

Golf has been described as a great walk, ruined. However, by the 3rd Hole, Andrew Bacon was already using his charm to attract birds. With a near perfect approach to the Par 3, his ball landed beside a swan, who chose to adopt the ball as her egg. Mr Bacon’s reputation must have preceded him, as the swan reared up and hissed, preventing his advances. The rules of golf are manifold. Angry fowl must be hidden in the small print.

David Flynn, Kieran Hynes and Emma Fagan were all experiencing moments of brilliance around the course, possibly inspired by David Joyce’s course management genius and inspirational tips. Meanwhile the rivalry between the two Andrews (both Bacon and Bourke) was developing against the might of Jim Gannon and Cormac Dunne, who sought to avenge their embarrassing defeat to the pair during the previous outing (need they be reminded; 7&6). A newly engaged and beaming Ronan Sheridan, a sun cream double coated Declan Griffin and an ever enthusiastic Eamon Ambrose were spending a little more time than expected ball searching, and at times, soul searching. And finally Steve Kelly, a relative golf virgin, Gareth McCloskey, one of more intelligent golfers and the always laughing John … continued to battle the ever increasing wind that was ensuring pars remained a premium and birdies became an object of legend.

It was agreed by all that the back 9 presented a more difficult challenge than deciphering Brian McGrath’s assessment criteria, with scores remaining low and scratches filling many a scorecard. With the wind circling and gusting, only one person managed to leave a ball on the green on nearest the pin, while the longest drive left many wondering how much money they had wasted on golf lessons for that “perfect swing”. Steve Kelly managed a solid 273 yards (although I’m positive that the next outing will produce longer… the challenge has been extended, are you strong enough?).

As the day reached a sunny climax, and with 5 hours of golf behind all players, a quick drink beckoned. Discussions turned to the course and it was noted that in spite of the conditions defeating the majority of players, with a modest 28 points claiming first place, everyone had a very enjoyable time.

The big winners on the day were as follows:

1st Place: David Joyce – 28 points

2nd Place: Steve Kelly – 26 points (his first ever golf prize)

3rd Place: Jim Gannon – 25 points

Best Female: Emma Fagan

Longest Drive: Steve Kelly

Nearest the Pin: David Joyce

The next outing is located at the K Club on the aptly named “Smurfit Course“.

Date:                     19th July
Tee Times:          13:30 – 14:02
Green Fee:         €50

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