Some people just amaze me

One such person is FT MBA 2010 Alumni and social entrepreneur John McInroy. Always in good spirits and with a ton of energy and enthusiasm, he launched I Wear Red Sock on Fridays during the FT MBA (and blogged about it here).

At the moment, John is now halfway on a 1600+ km cycle trip and a marathon, his most recent initiative…

” This 10 day cycle from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg to run the Comrades Marathon on day 11 is a journey of the heart inspired by the life of Phil Masterton-Smith who in 1933 couldn’t afford the train fare from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg so he cycled up instead and finished 10th in the race. He died in World War Two in 1942. His nickname was “Unogwaja” meaning hare in Zulu and his legacy lives on in the Unogwaja Challenge. Wherever you go, go with your heart “

To follow John and the team on their journey go to

– Rikke Budolfsen, FT MBA Programme Manager