Smurfit MBA Ad Competition

Thursday, May 2nd, marked the first inaugural full-time MBA video ad competition.  The idea was for teams of three to make a 3 min video concept with the theme of “the MBA experience”.  There were no other rules and it was a real unknown as to what to expect.

We assembled at the Hibernian Club on St. Stephen’s Green for the premiere of the nine video submissions and were delighted to have Professor Pat Gibbons in attendance to adjudicate on concept and entertainment value.

Inevitably, hilarity ensued and the videos demonstrated a huge amount of creativity that exists within the class.  No two videos were alike and there were some interesting insights and perspectives that might never have been aired if not for the unorthodox format.  It’s reassuring to know that careers in acting, music and voiceovers are now a viable BATNA for many.

David Kelly

Thanks to the MBA office for supporting the event [MBA Office: Thanks David and Deborah for organising it]. The light hearted winning entry can be viewed here: MBA Ad Comp (not available on mobile devices)

Three exams down, four more to go…

-David Kelly, FT MBA 2012/13