Semester 1, Round 2

Back after the mini-break in October and two modules, Financial Reporting and Business & Society, completed with two new modules, Corporate Finance and Performance Driven Marketing, in their stead.  Corporate Finance has introduced some concepts that I wasn’t aware of prior to this and I thought our first group technical problem was a valuable learning experience in how finance isn’t as precise as I might have thought but involves making significant assumptions. Performance Driven Marketing is very interactive with Professor McLoughlin not letting anyone shy away and hide behind the classroom desks. The case studies are very insightful and a great method of explaining frameworks.

The juggling of multiple project balls is well and truly being tested and refined at the moment and the arrival of Daylight Saving Time did not have any appreciable effect on my sleep-wake cycle.  I feel that the learnings from the individual modules are starting to become integrated and enhancing participation in the various classes.

Have not decided yet which optional modules to sit next semester, which will depend on availability. I hope that the information evening next week will help to crystallise my thoughts on this.

Looking forward to some interesting evening events in the next couple of weeks. The lecture on “How innovation and science policy can inspire entrepreneurship to solve real world problems” in TCD next Wednesday has a good line-up of speakers and delegates, so hopefully I can still get a place at it. The MBAAI are holding on “Innovation and the MBA” event on Wednesday, November 21st, with three speakers who have applied the skills learned during their MBAs to entrepreneurship. Particularly interested in the talk by Ross O’Neill, CEO and founder of MuteButton, on the non-invasive technology he has developed to treat tinnitus.

– Cathal O’Ceallaigh, FT MBA 2012/13