September 4th 2012

I previously never thought much of the term time management, regarding it as a cliché and innate but with the list of group presentations and reports  beginning to gain momentum this week, I now realise it will be a valuable skill to develop and employ.

Foundation week was very well organised with a good mix of practical information on the course requirements,  how to utilise the IT services fully and the prohibition on booze and barbecues on campus as well as the team building exercises which were good fun with the ‘occasional’ difference of opinion and squaring up amongst some of the participants.

This week has plunged us into the full rigours of the programme and totting up in my head the hours that will have to be committed to assignments or study as well as the non-academic stuff, I feel  my waking hours will have to be extended. Looking forward to our first meeting with Brian Marrinan about careers tomorrow.

No regrets!

– Cathal O’Ceallaigh, FT MBA 2012/13