Avenge our defeat!

So, we didn’t win.

The better team won on the day, and at least we lost to my old alma mater, NUI Galway. It was scant consolation to learn that it was a close decision.

Our case was on eBay and Amazon. Along with analysing the current state of play, we had to formulate a new strategy for eBay. The time got away from us as we searched in vain for the ‘secret sauce’ that could point the way to success. Unfortunately, there was no rabbit in this particular hat. We took our eye off the ball and with thirty minutes to go we still hadn’t formulated a new strategy. Tempers became short (mainly mine – sorry guys!) and our decisions became panicked. In the end, we rushed it and it showed.

Win or lose, the important thing is that we never have to see each other again” was the toast that I proposed before the winning team was announced. We had a sinking feeling that it wasn’t going to be our day and, in my own inappropriate way, I thought some humour might lighten the mood (though I may be using the term ‘humour’ quite wrongly).  We accepted defeat graciously, and, though downhearted and exhausted, managed to enjoy ourselves by invading the birthday party of our captain’s long-suffering wife.

The strategy competition was a great way to finish our MBA, and, while it would have been nice to ride off into the sunset with a trophy under our arms, it just wasn’t to be. I’m certain that my toast won’t come true, either for this team or for any of our MBA colleagues (but I would imagine that Eoin’s wife will just have to learn to deal with her suffering).

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Brian McGrath for his help in our preparation, and on behalf of the Smurfit School I would like to thank Michael McDonnell and all in the MBA office for ensuring that the event was organised impeccably.

Finally, to the team of 2013 – avenge our defeat!

– David Collins, Exec MBA 2012

UCD Smurfit MBA Team 2012: Dr. Brian McGrath(Academic), David Collins, Kate Healy, Jonathan Cuthbert, Sinead Hope, Eoin Lyons (Team Captain)

MBAAI Strategy Competition 2012 – Main Hall, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School


MBAAI Organisers:  Ms. Christine Lewis and Mr. Gareth Quinn