Three Companies That Are Hiring MBA Interns

It’s that time again… it’s the time that companies start opening their doors to MBA students and recent grads.

Internships are popular with MBAs, particularly those who are considering changing career paths.  There are two types, (1) internships for students who have graduated, and (2) internships for students who are in the middle of a two year program.  Whatever your situation, now is the time that those doors open and now is the time to get those applications in.

The majority of internships with multinationals are located inside the US.  There are exceptions, and for those of you who would like to have an experience in another country while performing your internship.  As there are many US multinationals that have internships on offer, I have chosen the following because they offer internships outside of the States.  Here are some details on them:

Company: BASF

Location: HQ is in Ludwigshafen, Germany although BASF is active in many countries

Number of positions available: Various placements

Note: BASF calls the program the Accelerated Development Program for recent grads. Also do a search for “Praktikant”

Company: Credit Suisse

Location:Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore close 28 June 2012. Sydney internships close 26 Jul 2012.

Number of positions available: Not specified, but numerous

Note: The application process is quite long, and they will ask you for exam scores(remember SAT and GMAT?)  Set aside some time before taking a stab at this one.

Company: Amazon

Location: Mostly UK and Germany, with some positions EU and worldwide.

Number of positions available: Four titles, several positions in each

Note: For internships in Europe use  For US opportunities, use (I think you have to register twice).  On the site specific req numbers are: 168865, 154996, 132494, 170988

Remember, this is only a picking of companies that offer internships worldwide. If you choose to go to the States then the choices are virtually limitless.

So, there you go.  Dust off your CV, add your most recent experience, and get it out there.  Getting an internship at one of these companies is far from easy.  You are competing against MBAs from around the world, so companies essentially have their picking of graduates. Whatever the outcome, make sure to send out, make contact, and follow-up.  Best of luck!

– Michael Munevar, EMBA 2011/13