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In the last month, I’ve had the attention of a couple of several hiring managers, and used the opportunity to talk to them about how they hire MBAs and recent grads.  Although I won’t mention specific company names, I can tell you that these four companies are publicly listed multinationals with revenues in the range of $4b to $70b

Company A – US Multinational with European operations in Dublin. 

Industry: IT/Internet

The first company is an online payment provider.  They told me that at they used to have a hiring system in place for taking on university students.  They even had an intake system for graduates, but have since last year have downscaled their undergrad internship program and ceased their graduate program.  The reason for ending their graduate program was that they weren’t able to offer contracts to those graduates who completed the program.

Company B – US Multinational with EU HQ in Dublin

Industry: IT/Internet

20% of their staff comes from the student world as they want to keep in new and fresh ideas.  They occasionally hire MBAs and focus mostly on their internship program specifically targeted at recent graduates.

Company C – US Multinational with EMEA HQ in Dublin

Industry: IT/Software

They cited not particularly hiring MBA grads because of their salary requirements, but could understand justify some business development roles in new markets where MBA grads would be. ”We put MBA grads in two categories.  There’s the recent grad that thinks we owe him a big salary because he just spent 26+ grand on his MBA, and then there’s the older candidate that says and oh yeah, I also have an MBA. To us, that’s a plus.“

Company D – German Multinational with offices in many developed countries

Industry: Chemicals

The hiring manager told me that they regularly look for MBAs and undergraduate students to work in various cities that they operate in.  He went as far as to walk me through the MBA hiring process.  He told me that they regularly look for MBAs for career opportunities and internships developing their markets.  Most MBA internships were in the summer months and were based on specific projects.

Overall, I felt that the hiring managers gave me a good insight into their hiring processes, and that some companies are more interested in hiring MBAs than others.  My advice to an MBA student who is looking for a job: focus on companies that are interested in your skills. Some companies will value your skills in accounting, management, finance and operations.  Focus on getting their attention.

– Michael Munevar, PT MBA 2012/2013

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