My MBA has given me a different take on life

Like many of you this week, I heard the budget announcement. It was further proof that tough times are still ahead. The lightest note was that corporation tax was standing firm (a sigh of relief). That was a clear sign that Ireland is committed to keeping business here, and that it is interested in gaining more business from abroad.

It seems like every other person on the morning commute has a tin can in their briefcase(a metaphor that I use to emphasize the fragility of business in our times). I thought about what business could do to help other businesses. What could my background in eCommerce do to help the Irish economy?

With that, I’ve decided to try something new.  I want to offer an eCommerce solution to the Irish people that focuses more on benefits for the people and the economy. I’ll be willing to give you professional advice and consulting that could help you bring your idea to life. I’ll do it, just to help to bring business into Ireland and because Ireland needs the jobs and movement in the economy. So if you or someone you know is has a good idea for an online or eCommerce-based business idea, and needs some help thinking it through, get in touch with me. I’ll give you consulting at no cost, and if it’s a good enough job-generating growth idea, I’ll walk you through the steps that you need to take to bring your project to fruition. Just mention that you read the Smurfit MBA blog.

Michael Munevar, PT MBA 2011/2012

Twitter: michaelmunevar