I love Group 5!

It has been over three weeks since I discovered that I am actually doing a Smurfit MBA, it is very exciting. I remember that it was a Wednesday when our groups were announced. For a moment, I was wondering whether I can offer some girly input into all the boys’ mind (I got Fergus, Justin, Mohit and Paul in my group). So far, I have been successful, the first class I lectured to all 4 boys was to carry handbags for their ladies (I have not collected feedback yet, because I don’t dare to.).

Ok, what I really want to blog here is how brilliantly we have worked out as a team. Professor Niamh Brennan has started us well on her Financial Reporting. Personally speaking, I was thrown into the deep end with readings, homework, assignments, group work, etc. I really started tasting the MBA from the pace Niamh puts us in. Our group started working on the group assignment as soon as we discovered the assignment, Ok, it did not take long for the discovery. We had discussions, agreements, disagreements, no storming, but hard working.

By last week, we had a draft. By then, our Financial Reporting project manager, Fergus, threw a thought to the group, which is the current work looks like a B- project, shall we polish it to something like a A+? (here you need to use your imagination). Just at that moment, I felt like I am in the best group ever in my life. It was exactly what I would like to hear, challenging ourselves! All group members agreed and eager to review the draft. Paul volunteered to look into a particular session in addition to what he was already assigned to (Paul, you have done loads just as everyone else). Justin and Mohit have also gave thoughtful input in our discussion session. At 3:30, I left the syndicate room in a very happy form even though I reversed my car into a wall yesterday! I guess the wall failed to alert me because that piece of wall is not in my group.

PS: this is first blog I ever blogged in my life, so please do not laugh at me. Thank you and happy studying.

PPS: Our A+ stands for Amazing Plus

– Christine Liu