Paddling away…

So, as the Spring semester exams are over for the EMBAs and the FT MBAs are immersed in their company projects, I am often asked what I actually do at this time of year as it must be so quiet with so few students on campus.

Well, although our MBAs will be back shortly to complete the last 5 weeks of their Programme, and although it is quieter in one sense, this time of the year is one of the more important ones in so far as we are currently planning the vast majority of the activities of the next year’s MBA Programme whether they be academic, personal professional development, careers, extra-curricular, or social.

We are building strategies for the next year – going back through all the feedback and evaluations from the past year seeking to determine what worked well this year, what could have been better and what are our ambitions for next year.  Each year on the MBA Programme sees new initiatives, developments and improvements and our current class and alumni plays a huge part of this.

We collaborate with the module coordinators (lecturers) about next year’s modules (subjects or courses) , building schedules and timetables to ensure that we maximise the academic learning outcomes  for 2011/2012.

We also assess and build the Personal & Professional Development Programme so it enhances and supports the academic learning to the max.

Another big task for the Spring is of course to prepare for the next year’s intake on the MBA Programme. The (constant) updating of the Incoming Student Portal, updating the MBA Programme web,  the week-long Foundation Week programme, organisation of extra skills seminars,  getting to know the new class members etc. are all keeping the MBA Office busy at the moment.

So although everything may look calm on the surface, we are paddling away underwater…

– Rikke Budolfsen, FT MBA Programme Manager