B-school B&B

Ireland is described by Lonely Planet as, “one of Europe’s gems, a scenic extravaganza of lake, mountain, sea and sky that’s gorgeous enough to make your jaw drop.” This jaw dropping natural beauty leaves many with their chins on the floor when you add a fascinating history, literary giants such as Yeats and Joyce, music icons such as U2 and an island full of people that are world renowned for their ability to have a good time.

What does this mean for me, you ask? Well, 2 things to be sure:
1) it means that my year long education on the Smurfit MBA is coupled with the one of a kind experience of living on the “Emerald Isle” – a remarkable opportunity to say the least. In six short months, I’ve been fortunate to travel north, south, and west, taking in the beautiful sites and meeting extraordinary people;

2) it means that nearly everyone I know from back home who wants to visit Ireland is doing their utmost to plan a trip to visit my wife and I. Thus far, we’ve welcomed five visitors and have 10 with trips planned for the spring! We’ve been joking recently that it feels like we’re running a B&B, and I need to use some of my newly acquired management skills to turn a profit on all this tourist traffic. Still haven’t figured out how to broach the subject with family members… “You see, Mom, the thing is… uh… nothing’s free in this world and I need to think about the return on investment for this apartment”… ;-).

So, for all of you international students out there considering the Smurfit MBA – you’ve been warned! An incredible experience living in Ireland awaits you but if you’re not careful your home will turn into a B&B for family and friends from back home.

Check out some pictures below for a glimpse at some of what the island has to offer…

– Patrick Hillis

Giant's Causeway
Me at the ‘Giant’s Causeway’ in Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland coast
My wife Teresa and I on the northern coast

Cliffs of Moher
My mom and I on the western coast at the Cliffs of Moher