Meet the Class of 2011

My name is Nargiza and I am from Kyrgyzstan. You may not have heard of it but it is a beautiful country in Central Asia. In fact, the flight from the capital Bishkek to Dublin takes eleven hours so you can imagine how far these two countries from each other, both in geographical and cultural sense. As far as I know, I am the first person from Kyrgyzstan studying at UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School. So, whenever I meet someone in Ireland first question they ask is why someone from Kyrgyzstan would decide to do MBA in Ireland?

My answer may disappoint those expecting sophisticated explanation; I will not provide calculations on expected return on my investments in study and so on. My decision was based on quite simple factors, both rational and intuitive. Rational reasons were one-year duration of the program, affordable fees and stable position in top MBAs list. However, many other schools correspond to those criteria. In my case there was another school with similar advantages to which I was admitted. So, what determined my final choice was the image of Ireland as a beautiful country with rich history. Practical people may say that it is not serious way to choose the school; but you should keep in mind that it is one year of your life that stands behind words “doing an MBA”. And if you listen both to your mind and heart in making the decision, you will have a great year of challenging study and enjoyable time.

Grafton Street, Dublin
Grafton Street, Dublin

I have been studying on MBA for four months already. I should say that reality has surpassed my expectations.  Ireland is indeed a magnificent country; and Dublin is the place where something is always going on – festivals, theater premiers, parties and etc (it’s good to know even though I don’t remember when I last went farther than local supermarket J). Study is stressful and challenging, but exciting and useful; it gives a chance for broad strategic understanding of business nature. Most of all I like the lectures that give me a fresh outlook, change my perception and make me think outside the box.

Two things I did not expect and was happy to learn. The weather in Dublin is nice – warm and mild. And Irish people are friendly, easy-going, and cheery, and have unique sense of humor. Oh, and third unexpected thing for me was my class. If you think that MBA is a battlefield of tough competition where everyone is on his own; you would be surprised to see us. I’m still guessing if such a friendly, warm and cooperative atmosphere in our class is the result of our effort or simply luck. Anyway I am really thankful for that.

– Nargiza

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher