Meet the Class of 2011

My name is Patrick Hillis but all of my new classmates here at the Smurfit MBA have taken to calling me, “Paddy” (affectionately, I think). I come from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States — home of the space needle, Starbucks and fine folks like my good friend Billy Gates (not exactly, but I did come within a mile of his house on a boat once).

I have work experience in two fields: 1) The non-profit sector, where my most  recent job was working as a Project Manager for an organization in South Africa  that specializes in urban transformation through social entrepreneurship, affordable housing and small business development; 2) The healthcare/wellness service industry, where I’ve held recruiting and sales/marketing positions.

I decided to accept my place in the Smurfit MBA this past spring and it’s already turned out to be a great decision. The  MBA at Smurfit is undeniably worthy of its place in the top 30 International Business schools per the Financial Times rankings. Many of you reading this blog will already be aware of the reasons behind this honor – the triple crown of accreditation, renowned faculty, and beautiful facilities to name a few. Taking these qualities as a given, the aim of my blogging contribution will be to offer a picture of what goes on behind the scenes for an international student studying at Smurfit, drawing attention to some of the opportunities that this program positions a person to experience.

Smurfit MBA student Patrick Hillis in snowy Blackrock Park

Looking forward to sharing stories,

– Patrick