Welcome to the world of the UCD Smurfit MBA!

MBA Class

We’re often asked about the MBA programme at UCD Smurfit School: ‘What it is it really like?’, ‘What will I learn?’, and ‘What can I do afterwards?’

Although the questions are simple enough, the answers are not.

NO two days are ever the same at UCD Smurfit School MBA programme. It’s always changing. Every day on the UCD Smurfit MBA has a strong focus on the whole learning experience, whether academic, professional or personal, that you will share with your classmates.

One morning you might be participating in a strategic management class while during the afternoon, you could be meeting with your study group to prepare a case study presentation or attending an event where you will have the opportunity to meet with senior managers from a range of both global and small entrepreneurial companies.

Another morning you could be taking part in interactive and unique leadership classes where you learn group dynamics, self-awareness and successful influencing behaviours. Then in the afternoon, you could be involved in one of the MBA Clubs’ activities or meeting with your mentor to learn from their experiences.

To give you true insights into the MBA Programme, we have asked our current MBA students and alumni to share their experiences on the Smurfit MBA Blog. Happy reading!